Hello! Allow me to introduce myself. I am Dion Ramos - an experienced litigation attorney who was elected judge of the 55th Civil District Court of Harris County in November 2008. As a Democrat I ran for re-election in 2010 but lost. I have been in private practice for five years now and am now again seeking election to the 61st civil district court. Before my election in 2008 I was a civil trial attorney in Harris County for 25 years. As a lawyer who has been to trial in over a hundred cases and appeared for hearings over a thousand times, I know what it means to be in a courtroom – and I know what it costs. Time is money - for the lawyers, for the clients and most importantly to the taxpayers who provide judges, staff and courtrooms for the litigants. If a judge is not trying enough cases - it costs taxpayers money. If a judge is not ruling on motions before him - it costs taxpayers money. If a Judge has 20 lawyers in the courtroom for a hearing docket, it is not fair to the lawyer or his client for those hearings to take longer than absolutely necessary. Since time is money thousands of dollars can be wasted. Delayed justice costs everybody.

I believe a fair and true Judge should posses these qualities:

The judge needs to be familiar with the cases being brought before him/her so he can ask pertinent questions to make each hearing efficient.
The judge needs to be decisive so decisions can be made quickly but accurately.
The judge needs to communicate with the attorneys to make their arguments short and to the point, to not waste the court’s time and the client’s money.
Hearings should be scheduled at staggered times so no one waits longer than they should.
When it comes to jury trials, it is not fair to the jurors, the lawyers, their clients or the taxpayer to let the trial go on longer than necessary – consistent with fairness and justice. There are many instances in which the judge can make trials more efficient while being fair to all litigants.

After 25 years as a trial attorney I appreciated courts who let the attorneys and parties know with some certainty when their trials were going to begin. As a judge I made sure all lawyers who request jury or non-jury trials have security in their trial settings and reasonable advanced notice of when they will be called to the courthouse for a definite start date and time. This saves resources on both sides of the bench - for the litigants and the taxpayers.

Above all, the overriding theme of every act and every decision is: Justice for All.

Dion Ramos: Experienced. Fair. Honest.


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